Monday, November 18, 2019

The Goya Painting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Goya Painting - Essay Example The essay "The Goya Painting" explores the painting of Goya. Goya has brought more attention to the central figure whereas the other figures are crouched down and small. The last way that Goya brought attention to the central figure is through light and shadow. The use of light and shadow is very important in that Goya used bright light to bring the central figure to the viewers attention while the other figures and the building are in shadow pushing them into the background. Light and shadow is also used to get the feeling or message of the painting across to the viewer. In this case, the gunmen are darker and dangerous looking because they are in the shadows more. The feeling is that the gunmen have a dark intent and the man in the light is innocent and does not deserve to be in the current circumstance and the light cast on the slaughtered gentleman also creates a feeling that the killing was unnecessary. I feel sad and horrified when viewing Goya’s work because the paining gives me a feeling that any armed conflict between anyone is horrifying and unnecessary. It is clear from this painting that Goya is against war, armed conflict, and, in particular, violence. Goya obviously does not care for violence and the death associated with violence the violence of war. This is clear by the feelings this paining portrays and by the depiction of the gunmen as apposed to those on the opposite side of the guns. The people being shot at look distraught and innocent as show no reason why they should be.

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