Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Obesity in Kuwait Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Obesity in Kuwait - Research Paper Example Data taken on the temporal changes in BMI and prevalence of obesity are even more so (Al†Asi). Women in Kuwaiti have been exposed to extreme physical as well as social variations in society in the past few years, and there has not been any study of this nature that has been carried out on them (Al†Asi). The main aim of this study is to respectively explore temporal changes in mean prevalence of obesity and BMI between the two independent samples of 1171 and1705 women of Kuwait between the ages of 18 years and older that were studied in1980-1981 and 1993-1994 (Al-Mahroos). 3- In Kuwaiti, white rice is the staple food both in the past and currently. It is believed that people in Kuwait take white rice once or twice in a day mostly for lunch and at times for dinner too (El-Bayoumy). Though there is no data on the average consumption of rice, data on the population consumption of the intake of rice is not available, data suggests that 17%of total energy available is consumed from white rice (El-Bayoumy) 1- There were two independent studies that were used to analyze and compare the temporal changes in the prevalence of obesity and BMI among the women in Kuwaiti BMI (Al-Awadi).The first study was a national study of 1171 women which was completed in 1980-1981 as it dealt mainly with the â€Å"Nutrition Status Assessment of Adults.† The second study to be carried out was a cross-sectional study of 1705 women which was completed in 1993-1994 and it was based on assessing the prevalence of obesity among Kuwaitis (Al-Awadi). The sample carried out between 1980-1981 sample of 1171 women was gotten from 17 randomly selected primary health care from the clinics situated in all of Kuwaiti five regions and sampling was taken randomly in accordance to the Kuwaiti’s population sex ratio (El-Bayoumy). The samples were divided among the clinics and the division was defined proportionally by the size of the area that was reserved by each of

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